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Why the fitness industry is deemed expensive…

Why the fitness industry is deemed expensive…

This is a question I am often asked. People tell me they ‘can’t afford it’.  But is this always true?

I am not so convinced, when you break down your bank statements there are few things more important than health and the sad thing is many of us never appreciate that until it’s taken away from us.

When you compare what we do to other industries and their rates are you sure you can’t afford it?

I think since most people rarely get out of 1st or 2nd gear when exercising they really struggle to see the end path and as fitness professionals we have to be better at showing the way.  How can the western world’s health and fitness be declining yet there are 20,000 fitness professionals in England.  Is it just because people can’t afford it?

People spend anywhere between £20-£100 for a night out: some substantially more. People can spend £20 a week on Dominoes, £30 on MacDonald’s;  £20 a week on cigarettes; £50 a week on new clothes; £30 a week on petrol when they could have walked or £50 a month on a gym membership they don’t use!

I really don’t believe price is the issue. If you want it enough, you make a way, it is as simple as that. I am getting fairly sharp at deciding how much people want it from the first contact. I have some people come and see me, and I know full well they aren’t ready. They don’t want to change, because their lives make them feel secure and comfortable, not happy, comfortable.

It turns out people would rather be comfortable than happy. They would rather shrink into a corner and eat Dominoes than go and push themselves or ask for help. That has to be a worrying thought. But is it their fault, I am not so sure either. 20,000 fitness professionals are out there. 20,000.

As an industry we have to do better, and my dream for LetsBeLean is to assemble a team big enough to make a difference, big enough to make people realise it is actually not expensive (I hate the word cheap, when is cheap ever good). It is great value, what you get out of it will change your life. You won’t want to be comfortable, you won’t want what you used to have and you want happiness. You want to be able to look in the mirror, try clothes on or even get changed and be happy. Not have to shrink in the corner.

We as professionals need to stand up and help. We need to make it fun, not intimidate with photos of us tanned with at times inhumane levels of body fat. We need to be the face that realises the situation the modern world is in. We need to be honest, and not sell out for the easy way, e.g.  large pyramid companies with liquid products. We need to help people build long lasting futures. In short we need to be better.

If you are reading this and you are unhappy, please do something about it. There really is no need to sit there hiding from mirrors, there is a better way to life than being controlled by food. Start choosing the body, the life and the happiness you want. It isn’t easy, and we all get scared but all of us ALL HAVE TO START.

So to answer the question, why do people view the fitness industry, especially personal training as expensive.  I have no idea. If people knew the value you get from it and the change in your life, they would pay it ten times over.