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Why hiring a fitness coach is worth the money ten times over.

Why hiring a fitness coach is worth the money ten times over.

There is every bit of information out there. Google search how to lose fat and you get 1000s of ways to help you. Some work in the short term, some work forever, and some cost you a fortune and you end up bigger than when you started.

What every one of them has in common is – they are all GENERIC. None of them is made for you. None of them takes into consideration your lifestyle, your life, and your circumstances.

That’s huge, it really is. Health and fitness is often hard, and when you are following a plan made for someone in a vacuum, it becomes really really hard. It becomes discouraging when you don’t get the results, when you can’t stick to it or when it becomes just too difficult to follow. Then you feel a failure as well as whatever you were feeling that prompted you to try it in the first place. Not a good place to be.

I’ve done it, I’ve downloaded the free Get shredded in 8 weeks. Why not, it’s worth a gamble right? Erm no. It cost me 8 weeks, 8 weeks of awful training I can’t get back. I will NEVER get back. It cost me something far more important than money. It cost me TIME.

Yeah sure you can call a coach expensive and it is if you compare it to milk. It’s really expensive if you compare it to milk. Compare it to a range rover and it’s pretty damn cheap. But why are we comparing it. There is nothing you can compare it to. Nothing compares to having the self-confidence of looking how you want to. Nothing compares to having energy all the time. Nothing compares to being fit strong and healthy. Nothing compares to having the undivided attention of a trained professional who is totally focussed on YOU and what YOUR body needs in order to improve. Nothing.

When you start thinking like that, the only thing you need to worry about is time. How much time are you going to waste going round in circles? Forget about the 1000s of pounds you waste on Raspberry Ketones. Think of the months and YEARS you are wasting. Sure you may look good intermittently. Wedding day, holiday, even the occasional birthday. But do you really want that? Do you really want to feel amazing 5 days a year? Is that worth it? All the starvation on your ‘super detox juice diet’ which makes you so hungry you feel like you’re going out of your mind and which teaches you NOTHING about food in the real world? For five days!?

I am not saying you need a coach and guidance forever, some people do and some people don’t. What I am saying is you have to understand how much time you are wasting with the other options. The quicker, cheaper or easier options. None of those words equate to long lasting success. NONE.

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