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What is a healthy diet?

What is a healthy diet?

A conversation that always causes some controversy.

Defining a healthy diet is, in my opinion, very hard. Balanced, moderation and varied are all accessory words to help us. But in reality they add to the confusion. They are ambiguous and unquantifiable. They are also very dependent on the person and the situation. A healthy diet for Michael Phelps will be very different from the healthy diet of an 86 year old women.

Eating 2 chicken breasts a day, 500g of rice and 250g of broccoli sounds healthy. For some, that is critically under eating.

I think these buzz words are really good at attracting attention, and really detrimental to solving a problem.

You have to work out what’s best for you, and not be influenced by someone wanting to use you as an ATM.

Buzz words are great, long lasting results are better.

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