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Interview with Luke Judge

Interview with Luke Judge

Luke is a coach based in Cheshire, he runs an online training program as well as 1-2-1 training. I know Luke through our mentoring group. He always offers some fantastic insights, which he has shown here. He understands how to work fitness into real life. Have a read of what he had to say.

Interview with Luke Judge

How do you view your fitness business in three words?

Hard but rewarding.

What made you want to start doing it/how has a guy that did IT stuff (can’t remember what exactly) come into doing this?

I was injured in the army, really fucked my back up and fitness helped me get it back. I wanted to do the same for others. I was also very unhappy in the area I was working in, so it was a logical choice for me to move into training to become a PT

How often do you train? How often do you enjoy it?

I try to train daily even if it’s only a 20 minute run. I enjoy it for the most part but, as with everyone, it’s sometimes a struggle to find motivation.

What is the hardest part about getting clients to adhere?

Getting them to believe how simple it is & getting to the root of why they self-sabotage. The binge is often something that sets people back weeks, not always physiologically, most often psychologically. Mind-set is such an important part of habit change, so trying to reason with people to tell them one bad day doesn’t ruin it, or missing a session isn’t the end of the world, is sometimes tough. On the other hand, getting them to keep consistent can be a real battle. My best advice is to be consistent.

If you could change 3 misconceptions in the industry what would it be?

1. Carbs are bad
2. Fats are bad
3. Exercise is hard

These fallacies are costing people years and years in their training and I’ve come across some people that just cannot progress because of their beliefs.

If you could choose one exercise what would it be?

Deadlift, it works everything. It is a great muscle burner, and uses up a tremendous amount of calories. Although it is simple it is tough to master, but very much worth the time.

If you could choose one piece of equipment to use forever what would it be?

Barbell, it is versatile and doesn’t take too much space. I would recommend people use a barbell as much as possible in their training.

What’s your favourite meal?

Garlic Chicken Hyderabadi. Fits my macros perfectly, and tastes amazing. I have it almost daily.

If you want to see more of Luke, check him out on Facebook. His LinkedIn profile is also here http://uk.linkedin.com/in/ljudge

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