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Interview with Glenn Cooper

Interview with Glenn Cooper


Glenn is a member of our mentoring group. He often posts his experiences with clients in our group, which makes me realise how hard working he is. He tries to go beyond what any reasonable person would do to help his clients. He has a real gift in empathising with people and understanding their situation. I asked him some questions about how he goes about his work.

What’s the best part of your job?

I love all aspects of my job, being surrounded by different people has always been interesting to me. But the best part of my job is seeing people grow and change, both in confidence and body works. Contrary to popular belief, it is not getting ready for work at 5.30 every morning.

What top three qualities does your best client have?

Top 3 qualities.
1. Dedication to goal. There are times when it is really hard, so staying focussed and committed to what you want is so important. Life always gets in the way, and if you really want to achieve something in your health and fitness, you have to find a way to deal with it.
2. Effort. I would love to say it was easy, and whereas you don’t have to leave the gym in tears every time. You do have to put some work in. You have to be consistent and resist every temptation.
3. Accountability. When it is 9pm on a Friday night and your friends or going out or your partner wants ‘Fish ‘n’ Chips Friday’ you have to make a choice on what you want. People aren’t following the same journey as you, and you shouldn’t expect them to shut off their life. Your coach is only with you 1-4 hours a week, so there are lots of hours you have to fill by yourself. Being accountable to YOU is so important.

How has your background influenced you as a person and as a coach?

My background has helped massively. As a recovering alcoholic, I have seen and done things I’m not proud of. What I am proud of is the amount of support and encouragement I’ve had from many people when my story was made public over social media by my coach James Conci Mitchell. It elevated my status as a PT with life experience and that has to be earned not bought. My mind-set is very addictive and I use this now as my incentive and addiction.

How do you deal with setbacks in your own training/adherence?

I deal with my setbacks by always moving forward and being aware of my limits. James has helped enormously with mind-set and confidence. I also appreciate that everything isn’t a straight line anymore. I am not going to walk into the gym and make progress, I have to put the effort in behind the scenes, i.e. recovery. So although it frustrates me when I make a mistake or I don’t always make the progress I want, I know I will get there, it’s just a battle against time.

What is the hardest part about getting clients to adhere?

This is a tough one, as adherence is always difficult. As I have said, life gets in the way, and when life is stressful or busy we fall back into habits we are comfortable with. Mind-set and psychology is really important, as everyone wants it so fast, and so much bullshit is put in the media about how this pill or that shake can do it in a week. That makes it extremely tough for some people to realise that those models have done it for years, there was no “quick fix”. I am really proud of my clients for showing faith, not only in me but also in the process, and for not looking for that quick fix. In terms of adherence, I would say from my experience the toughest part is weekends and not letting those around you influence you too much.

If you could change 3 misconceptions in the industry what would it be?

3 misconceptions:

1 not all FitPros are the same and some of us want to change the image of dickheads who just want money.
2 juice diets are a NOT good way to lose weight.
3 lifting weights makes women too muscular… Sheesh.

If you could choose one exercise what would it be?

One exercise…. DEADLIFTS!! I am sure I am in good company here, but outside the Olympic lifts, it is by far the best value exercise. Plus, you get to move some heavy-ass weight.

If you could choose one piece of equipment to use forever what would it be?

One piece of equipment probably the 8 stack as it’s multi-functional. Everyone wants lots of options, which is helpful but sometimes you just need to pick a few exercises and be very good at doing them. Most PT studios aren’t that big so we need to be creative on space, and ensure it works as efficiently as you could possibly ask.

What’s your favourite meal?

Favourite meal. Steak… No substitute

Check Glenn out on social media always entertaining and no nonsense.

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